Disinfecting Your Home Or Business Shouldn't Be Overwhelming

Just Clean It has launched our covid rehabilitation cleaning services; why? The number of reinfections that we've seen over the last few months. We suggest that anyone infected should have their space cleaned from top to bottom once they have completed their quarantine. Fogging alone will not prevent reinfection; all surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected manually. Just Clean It offers an extra layer of protection built into this service (fogging) to protect your home and business from infection and reinfection.

The world and how we must now navigate have changed. Just Clean It has spent hundreds of hours training and retraining our service professionals; so that we can better assist you; in keeping your home and business cleaned, sanitized and disinfected. We offer regular cleaning subscription services from weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, monthly or every couple of months; pick what works for you; a discount is provided depending on your chosen frequency. Our Covid rehabilitation cleaning service will provide every client with a clean home or business. Your home will be much healthier with reduced exposure to harmful bacteria, germs and viruses. As a leading cleaning service in the cities, we service Just Clean It has armed itself with all the information required to take care of your home and business regularly. Our ability to source the right products allows us to clean, sanitize and disinfect your home safely and effectively. From giving you more quality time with family and friends to preventing reinfection to helping you protect what's vital, Book your clean in 60 seconds.

Covid checklist


From the outset of the COVID-19 breakout, Just Clean It Quality Home Solutions has been standing on the front lines cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and fogging homes and businesses whose operations are essential to the communities we serve. Just Clean It remains proactive, innovative, and committed as we enter the next phase of addressing the pressing problems associated with the coronavirus.

We’ve created a detailed plan and ensure you don’t have to think twice about contamination and transmission in your home or business location. You’ll breathe easier with an approach that works: fogging produces tiny, microscopic droplets of a disinfecting solution that is both non-toxic and naturally occurring; the agents settle on surfaces and spaces that are typically difficult to reach, like between objects; this reduces the number of pathogens and their potential for spreading on surfaces, textiles, and air. Our fogging service is now built into our covid rehabilitation cleaning services so that you get the full benefit of a deep cleaning from being infected or exposed to covid; book your cleaning in 60 seconds.