Covid Rehabilitation Cleaning Sanitizing And Disinfecting We've Got You Covered!

From the outset of the COVID-19 breakout, Just Clean It Quality Home Solutions has been standing on the front lines cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and fogging homes and businesses whose operations are essential to the communities we serve. Just Clean It remains proactive, innovative, and committed as we enter the next phase of addressing the pressing problems associated with the coronavirus. Please note that this service is done in two steps; you must have a deep cleaning service to decontaminate all surfaces and items in the home or business, then we will fog/mist the whole space; this service is a process we do not recommend skipping any steps. Our Covid cleaning and disinfection services use fogging devices. When you want your home or apartment disinfected or your business space, our team is up to the job.

We’ll create a detailed plan and ensure you don’t have to think twice about contamination and transmission in your home or business location. You’ll breathe easier with an approach that works: fogging produces tiny, microscopic droplets of a disinfecting solution that is both non-toxic and naturally occurring; the agents settle on surfaces and spaces that are typically difficult to reach, like between objects; this reduces the number of pathogens and their potential for spreading on surfaces, textiles, and air. There are service options for fogging. Call us today to see how we can be of service for residential and commercial disinfectant services.


Why Disinfecting Fogging

The COVID-19 virus can live on surfaces for several hours and even days, and it can stay alive for three days on plastics and metals. We wear masks for a reason. Therefore, you need to disinfect regularly and effectively to ensure there’s no spread in your space. Fogging is a simple solution to protecting your employees, customers, and family, and it offers a fast and widespread approach to treating your entire space.

With disinfection fogging services from Just Clean It, we focus on standard and high touch point areas, breaking the chain of transmission. Quickly cover all spaces, large or small, using an easy, convenient, and efficient method. Help your customers and employees feel confident stepping into a regularly disinfected workplace.

Covid Cleaning/Fogging Checklist


Our Covid19 Cleaning Service requires a team of professional cleaners; we have a minimum amount of cleaners depending on the square footage and your space condition. If your home is on the larger side, or if your home is furnished and has blinds throughout, we will schedule a larger team as we know you don't want us around for the whole day. All cleaning supplies and equipment are provided at no additional cost. Our Covid19 Cleanings include a deep cleaning, sanitizing and  disinfecting services; all services are completed on the same day. Call us today to book your team.

Please note: that we do require electricity and water throughout the whole house to be turned on; if we have to travel to the basement to get water to clean the upper floors, this will add to your cleaning time. Our payment and booking policy: Just Clean It requires a credit card on file to complete your booking. Just Clean It will pre-authorize your credit card; before your appointment, we will charge your credit card once your clean is completed and email a receipt to you the next business day.