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We endeavor to provide you with a unique and thorough cleaning and a courteous and professional service. We want your choice to work with us to be simple, straightforward, and pleasurable. Just Clean It specializes in removing the tension from any element of cleaning. We'll come to your location and give you a free estimate, so you know precisely how much you'll be paying. Phone us within 24 hours of your cleaning if you are not pleased with our service, and we will return to make it right. While we aim for perfection at all times, faults do occur; if an area is overlooked or not cleaned to your satisfaction, we'll return and fix it as soon as possible and at your convenience. Every time, your complete happiness is not just our goal but also our commitment.

We do understand, however, that you may have a particular cleaner or brand that you want to use on your property, and if that is the case, please let us know so that we can include it in our cleaning at your request. Most individuals choose a regular cleaning subscription, with biweekly being the most popular. You may opt to have your home cleaned more frequently or once every four weeks, depending on the needs of your home and your busy lifestyle. To determine which cleaning subscription is ideal for you, contact us to schedule a FREE in-home estimate! or External link opens in new tab or windowRequest a quote. You can find more information on our External link opens in new tab or windowwebsite; we look forward to hearing from you.


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Cleaning Services in Guelph

Just Clean It has upgraded our policies and cleaning procedures to eradicate the coronavirus transmission; Just Clean It takes measures using our Healthy Home Cleaning System. This system will be in place indefinitely. For additional information, please visit our website. We are delighted to have you here. We've been cleaning homes for a long time and would be glad to clean yours! We are striving to be Guelph's go-to External link opens in new tab or windowhouse cleaning service. Our house cleaners have all undergone extensive training and are bonded and insured.

We use the most effective cleaning processes and eco-friendly solutions to complete the job. Our Housekeeping Program products are healthy and safe for you, your pets, and the environment. Even though we clean thousands of homes, yours is the most important. In addition, our cleaning services in Barrie are both affordable and versatile. Cleaning services such as regular cleaning, seasonal cleaning, and even move-in and move-out cleaning are offered. We also make it easy for you; we have a no-contract cancel any time policy and a 24Hour No-hassle Re-clean Guarantee cleaning! Every one of our customers is treated as an individual; we do not have set prices because each residence is unique. We provide over-the-phone quotes; you can also request a quote online or schedule an in-home assessment free of charge; you can also customize your cleaning to your unique needs while ensuring that the estimated cost is within your budget. External link opens in new tab or windowRequest a quote today.


Post Renovation Cleaning in Guelph

It's not easy to clean your home after a renovation or construction project. The filth can easily coat unprotected furniture, baseboards, cabinetry surfaces, light switch plates, ceiling fan blades, etc. After a makeover, cleaning and sanitizing your home demands attention to places that could otherwise go missed. It may take many long hours of arduous effort to remove every evidence of the restoration work and produce a room that you can genuinely appreciate. We provide post-renovation cleaning services so that you can start enjoying your freshly renovated home right away without having to lift a finger.

Our post-renovation cleaning service is extensive because a renovation spreads dust throughout your home and leaves no surface untouched. For example, we do more than just clean the windows and windowsills; we also clean window tracks, baseboards, doorknobs, and other areas that you might not think to clean yet could become dirty. Regardless of how attentively construction work is done, the entire site, including every nook and cranny, is usually blanketed with dust. The brickwork, windows and windowsills, kitchen cabinets, floors, and other surfaces will need to be adequately cleaned. Avoid breathing contaminated air! Our expert crew will clean all contaminated areas swiftly and safely. We use professional cleaning supplies and methods, and we have the flexibility and resources to complete small and large cleaning projects on time and to the highest possible standard. We are here to provide you with prompt External link opens in new tab or windowpost-renovation cleaning services. Contact us for more information!


Carpet Cleaning In Guelph

Our professional steam cleaning or hot water extraction services will assist you in avoiding having to replace your carpet sooner than necessary. If you have carpet in your office or home, you are well aware of the costs of maintaining and cleaning it. Keeping your carpets in good shape increases the value of your home and makes a great first impression. Regular carpet maintenance, professional carpet steam cleaning, and hot water extraction can all help to keep your home or workplace feeling fresh.

External link opens in new tab or windowCarpet Cleaning in Guelph We're here to assist you in keeping your home clean and cheery regularly if you're looking for carpet cleaning in Guelph. Dirty carpets are full of allergens, dirt, and dust, all of which can harm your health, particularly for the elderly, children, and babies. We take pride in providing our clients with high-quality cleaning and decontamination services, and we respect our repeat customers. We're so confident in the exceptional quality of our cleaning service that we back it up with a 100% Service Guarantee! Connect with us for more information!


24Hour No Hassle Re-clean Guaranteed

Just Clean It Quality Home Solutions unconditionally guarantees the work performed. If you are not completely satisfied with the work performed, give us a call within 24hours of your service. We will return to re-clean the area in question at no additional cost to you. Please note: Just Clean It requires a credit card on file to complete your booking. Your card will be authorized before your appointment. We will charge your credit card and email an invoice the day after your work, thank you. Please note that we do not offer any refunds or discounts on our services; this is why our 24hour No-Hassle Re-clean Guarantee is provided with all the services we provide