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To assist minimize the transmission of the corona-virus, our organization is making measures utilizing the Healthy Home Cleaning System. This system will be in place until the social distancing laws are repealed. For further details, please see our website. We warmly greet you. We've been cleaning houses for a long time and would be delighted to clean yours as well! We are Markham's top house cleaning service. All of our house cleaners have received professional training and are bonded and insured.

We use the most effective cleaning processes and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals to perform the operation. Our Green Housekeeping products. Every one of our clients is treated as an individual. We don't have set rates because each house is unique. Instead, we visit to your home and present you with a free, no-obligation estimate at a time that is suitable for you. This enables us to personalize the cleaning to your unique needs while also ensuring that the estimated cost is within your budget. Your house will be visited by a team of two trained Home Service Professionals. They will arrive in uniform, have had their backgrounds verified, and are fully insured.



Cleaning Services in Markham

We provide outstanding professional cleaning services for both homes and workplaces. As one of Markham's most trusted names, you can count on us to be efficient, skilled, timely, and professional. Our professionals are equipped with the skills and experience to finish any work that is entrusted to them. We know precisely what to expect when you tell us what needs to be cleaned: attention to detail, quickness, professionalism, and exceptional results. We attempt to provide the best possible balance of excellent quality and low cost. We have extensive cleaning experience and know exactly what we're doing. Our maids are fully insured and verified.


The personnel was carefully chosen after extensive training, inspection, on-site monitoring, and management.


We clean with the best tools and products on the market. We swiftly adopt new technologies to improve cleaning.


We take pride in offering first-rate professional services while upholding high safety and quality standards.

We're ready to clean up your home, office, property, or warehouse with incredible care. We will leave your place clean and smelling wonderful. We are completely licenced and insured experts.


We carefully choose the best and most natural cleaning chemicals available, resulting in exceptional results. We offer cleaning services that are adapted to your specific requirements.


We give training to our personnel in order to deliver a high quality of service. From our end, we promise customer happiness.


We develop a presence in the community, foster long-term partnerships, and continue to grow.


Post Renovation Cleaning in Markham

Regardless matter how attentively construction work is performed, the whole site, including every nook and cranny, is typically blanketed in a thick layer of dust. All of the brickwork, windows and windowsills, kitchen cabinets, floors, and other surfaces will need to be cleaned completely. Avoid breathing in filthy air! Our expert staff will clean all contaminated areas swiftly and safely. We use professional cleaning supplies and processes, and we have the flexibility and resources to do small and major cleaning assignments on time and to the best possible quality.

Some Of The Benefits Of Our Post-construction Cleaning Service

Cleaners will coordinate their services with the required building contractors to guarantee that the site is cleaned efficiently, practically, and on schedule. Before handing over or moving in, we will use the required cleaning equipment and processes to ensure that the premises are fully cleaned and spotless. Our service includes cleaning and disinfecting kitchen and bathroom cupboards, shelves, drawers, and bench tops, mirrors and splash backs, sinks, and other surfaces, as well as cleaning and disinfecting windows and windowsills, walls, ceilings, ceiling fans, and lamps. We will make sure that any site is spotless and ready for occupancy, whether it is the renovation of a single room, a private residence, or the building of a large commercial complex. We provide a post-construction cleaning service! We are also responsible for competent and flexible planning and scheduling with the necessary building contractors, as well as the correct disposal of any construction waste.


Carpet Cleaning In Markham

Even the most committed housewives dislike duties like Carpet Cleaning in Markham. Our regular activities enable us to not only dirty but even harm our rooms, draperies, furniture, and carpets. Other times, a seemingly simple occasion, such as gathering family around the table, has resulted in the carpet being turned from a costly pleasure to a distressing look. As a consequence, one of the services we offer is skilled carpet cleaning. If you need carpet cleaning in Markham, we can help you keep your house clean and cheery on a regular basis. Dirty carpets contain allergens, grime, and dust, all of which may be harmful to one's health, particularly in the elderly, small children, and newborns.

We are so sure in the excellent quality of our cleaning service that we provide a 100% Service Guarantee! We provide an ecologically friendly thorough cleaning service for all types of carpets and area rugs. Our safe wall-to-wall carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning services will help you keep your home's interior looking healthy and appealing. We take pleasure in providing high-quality cleaning and decontamination services to each of our clients, and we appreciate our repeat customers..


24Hour No Hassle Re-clean Guaranteed

Just Clean It Quality Home Solutions unconditionally guarantees the work performed. If you are not completely satisfied with the work performed, give us a call within 24hours of your service. We will return to re-clean the area in question at no additional cost to you. Please note: Just Clean It requires a credit card on file to complete your booking. Your card will be authorized before your appointment. We will charge your credit card and email an invoice the day after your work, thank you. Please note that we do not offer any refunds or discounts on our services; this is why our 24hour No-Hassle Re-clean Guarantee is provided with all the services we provide